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Gas Furnace Repair

To repair household stuff that break, you should know how it operates, so what can fail, how you can find out the problem, along with the steps to fixing it. Here's what you ought to learn about gas furnace repairs.

How Do You Use It?

Natural or gas gas from an outdoors source is piped towards the furnace where it's burned to create warmth. Often a fan-driven forced-air distribution system blows the warmed air through ductwork that vent in to the various rooms of the home. Older gas furnaces make use of a standing-pilot ignition. Maintenance involves switching off the pilot each spring and relighting it each fall. More recent, more effective gas furnaces make use of an electric spark to light the gas as necessary.

So What Can Fail?

Most gas furnaces are very reliable. Do you know the signs and symptoms of problems? The furnace might not produce warmth or might not produce enough warmth. The pilot light might have to go out frequently or won't light. The thermocouple might be faulty. The pilot may sensational looking not ignite the burners. The furnace might be noisy. You will find some maintenance along with a couple of minor repairs that you could make. However, major service ought to be left to some trained specialist.

Fix-It Tip

To reduce issues with your gas furnace, take some time every month to determine the air conditioning filter and clean or change it if required. Annually, clean the blower rotor blades, lubricate the blower motor, and inspect the belt.

How Do I Find out the Problem?

If there's no warmth, look into the electrical service panel for any burned fuse or tripped breaker. Relight the pilot light (see below).

If there's insufficient warmth, adjust the burners air shutter (see below) and clean the burners ports (see below).

When the pilot light doesn't light or doesn't stay lit, clean the pilot hole carefully having a toothpick, test the thermocouple and change it if it's faulty (see below).

When the flame flickers, adjust the pilot (see below).

If there's an overflowing seem once the burners ignites, adjust the pilot to some greater setting and clean the pilot hole and also the burners ports.

When the burners takes greater than a couple of seconds to ignite, clean the pilot hole and adjust the pilot light.

When the burners flame is uneven, clean the burners ports. When the burners flame is extremely yellow, clean the burners open vents within the furnace room to supply more air adjust the burners air shutter.

When the furnace constitutes a rumbling noise once the writers are off, clean the burners and adjust the burners air shutter.

When the air is simply too dry, clean or switch the evaporator pad for those who have an air humidifier test the humidistat and adjust water-level float to boost water level.

If some rooms are extremely awesome yet others too warm, the distribution system may need balancing. Make reference to the Forced-Air Distribution Fix-It Guide at

Fix-It Tip

Make sure your filter may be the right size for the furnace.

What Parts, Materials, and Tools Will I Need?

Some alternative parts for gas furnaces are interchangeable (filters, nails) and offered at the local home improvement store. Others, for example writers and controls, should be bought in the manufacturer or aftermarket supplier or via a heating equipment supplier indexed by the local phone book.

The main tools you'll need for fixing a gas furnace include these:

* Screwdrivers

* Wrenches

* Pliers

* Wire brush

* Multimeter

Do you know the Steps to Fixing It?

To light the pilot on the standing-pilot (always on) ignition system, stick to the lighting instructions situated close to the control. Otherwise, try these steps:

Light the pilot:

1. Press and contain the pilot control knob to begin the pilot. Set the control knob towards the pilot position. Hold a lengthy match underneath the pilot gas port.

2. Press the control knob the pilot should light. Contain the control knob lower before the flame is burning vibrantly (about thirty seconds). Release pressure around the knob, and switch it towards the on position.

3. When the pilot is out whenever you release the control knob, try relighting, holding the control knob lower longer. When the pilot again is out, look into the thermocouple (below).

Adjust the pilot:

1. Remove any cap since the pilot modifying screw on the combination control.

2. Turn the modifying screw counterclockwise to improve the flame or clockwise to lower it. It's properly modified once the flame covers the thermocouple bulb by 1/2 inch and seems dark blue having a small yellow tip.

Make sure replace a thermocouple:

1. Contain the control knob to pilot and lightweight the pilot as above.

2. Unscrew the thermocouple fitting by having an open-ended wrench.

3. Set a multimeter towards the DVC (cheapest current) scale.

4. Clip one multimeter result in the finish from the thermocouple tube nearest the pilot and also the other result in the fitting alternatively finish from the tube.

5. When the multimeter shows a reading through besides zero, the thermocouple is functioning. Switch the thermocouple tube.

6. If there's no reading through, you will have to clean or switch the thermocouple following steps 7 through 11.

7. Release the control knob and turn off the primary gas valve around the gas-supply pipe leading in to the burners. Turn off energy towards the burners in the electrical service panel .

8. Take away the thermocouple from the mounting bracket.

9. Wipe the mixture control neat and use a new thermocouple, tightening it manually, then provide a 1-quarter turn having a wrench.

10. Place the thermocouple in to the pilot bracket, fostering not to crimp the tubing.

11. Switch on energy towards the furnace and relight the pilot (above).


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